Associated Manitoba Arts Festivals is a non-profit organization that represents amateur community arts festivals in Manitoba and in neighboring Ontario communities.
Its purpose is to promote and encourage participation in, growth and development of, and appreciation for the creative and performing arts in partnership with local festivals.

Local arts festivals run throughout the fall, winter and spring in many communities. These are amateur festivals involving adjudicated classes in music, dance, theatre arts, speech and visual arts. Each community arts festival is unique, and reflects the culture of its community.

Local festivals are often the highest profile arts activities in the cultural life of communities. They provide and avenue for personal growth and development for all participants. Festivals provide a venue for workshops and critiques from highly skilled professionals, as well as valuable performing opportunities. Participants can pace their development against that of others of the same age. Community festivals also preserve our cultural heritage, offering classes in various ethnic art forms.

We believe that every individual should have the opportunity to participate in arts activities at any level, to develop an appreciation for the arts, to experience personal growth, and to enrich their skills. We believe that the arts should be an integral part of every person's life and that festivals should be a positive developmental experience.

Whether used as an exposure technique or as a developmental tool, festivals are a doorway to the future, helping to create the next generation of artists and audiences.

Board and Staff


Margaret Sawatzky

Vice President
Morna-June Morrow

Bambi Rutherford

Tannie Lam


Glenn Kruschel

Delnora Rice

Loretta Thorleifson




Executive Director
Joanne Mercier

Honorary Members


Mid Amy

Frances Baird*

Betty Bond*

Barbara Brown

Claudia Campbell

Fay Carruthers

Jean Cohoe*

Marie Cosens Craig

Carolle Cowan

Susan Drayson

Alyce Ellis

Lydia Enns*

Frances Funk

Gisèle Girouard

Gwen Goodman*

Gladys Hannah*

Bernard Helfter

Carole Helfter

Ruby Hood*

S. Borga Jakobson

Gloria Johnston

Nora Kirk

Marguerite Knowles

Dorothy McCullouch

Jean McIntosh*

William McKee

Larry Moore

Edith R. Munroe*

Lena Robinson*

Lilas Robinson

Willa Rutherford*

Murielle Sierens

John Standing*

Viola Stepler*

Vi Streuber*

Lorne Watson*

Myrtle Young*

* deceased